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Friends' Booth at Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival- 2014

Friends' Booth at Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival- 2014

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The Friends contribute over 7,000 hours of volunteer service to Huntington Beach State Park per year.

Friends work with the park to protect our environment, save our wildlife and preserve our history by participating in a number of projects through the park.

Opportunities include: bird surveys, sea turtle nest patrols and protection, Atalaya maintenance and interpretation, staffing the Nature Center and the Atalaya Visitors Center, the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival, small maintenance projects, beautification projects and much more.

Volunteering is a self-satisfying endeavor and it's easy to do with flexible work hours, a spectacular work environment and camaraderie.


Four Categories of Friends' Membership

Nature Center Bulletin Board

Nature Center Bulletin Board

FAMILY VOLUNTEER: $40 - Includes all members of family living in your household withbadges to wear when volunteering and a maximum of 2 vehicle decals.

INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER: $35 - Includes a badge to wear when volunteering and one vehicle decal.

We are requesting that all FAMILY and INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS volunteer at the park in some capacity for at least 25 hours per year. Hours can be recorded on the calendar in the Nature Center, Atalaya host cart or sent to the volunteer chairperson. Persons with a badge will receive a discount at the Murrells Inlet Sherman Williams store.

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP: $60+ This is for the person or persons who live out of the area who still wish to support us financially, but cannot volunteer, or for anyone local who is unable to volunteer. Those in this category will receive a maximum of 2 vehicle decals, but no volunteer badge.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP:  We ALSO have memberships available for both small and large businesses. Please contact us for details.

What did the Friends do in 2021?

What did the Friends do in 2021?

**Probably the biggest thing the Friends helped with or funded in 2021 was the addition of 3 tables in the playground area.  We funded 2 tables with seating for 3 that included additional space accommodations for individuals with disabilities.  We also funded another table in the playground with seating for 4.  Once the tables were put in place Friends volunteers painted in Shelter # 2 match the tables.

**Another funded project in 2021 was (with private donations and funding from the Friends) the purchase of Palmetto Palms in the “Alley of the Palms”.  A private donation purchased 4 palmetto palms and the Friends purchased tree #11 in remembrance of Sally Kelly and all the past members that the Friends have lost.

**The other purchase / funding in 2021 were our annual beautification of Atalaya with the geraniums in May and maintenance supplies throughout the year for repairs at Atalaya. Also, window grill work painting and bear cage repairs. 

**Roving Atalaya docent work, then Atalaya tours and some alligator tours once things opened up again.  Not to mention the Nature Center volunteer work.

The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park is a nonprofit organization that provides physical and monetary assistance for Huntington Beach State Park.  The goal of the Friends is to improve the quality of the experience of visitors to the park.  All proceeds (above cost) from our Fundraisers go directly to this park.  Anyone can help the Friends achieve their goal by becoming a Volunteer or making a monetary donation. 

Click on the link below for the Volunteer Application or go to our webstore to make a donation.

Friends Application 2022

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